Dynamic, Mobile Menu

A picture is worth a thousand words. Allow your guests to interact with a visual menu and say goodbye to static text.


SRV brings your menu to life in a whole new way.

Elevate the guest experience with an interactive, image-first menu

Increase check averages through auto suggestions and up-sells.

Build repeat business by remaining on your guests' phones.

Food + Beverage Gallery

Allow guests to navigate through a beautiful photo gallery of your restaurants' food and beverage items.

Fully customizable

Use images of your food categories and your food items. Display the information you would like.

Most popular items

Influence which items are sold the most in each category by adjusting the order of items displayed and which items are displayed as most popular.

Photo First

If a picture really is worth a thousand words.. then why aren't we using pictures to tell the story of our menu?


Interactive Menu Item Pages

Create detailed pages for every item on your menu.

Customize information displayed

Include images, descriptions, allergens, price, ingredients and even pairing suggestions.

Real-time updates

Edit the information displayed for each item in real-time to keep everything on your menu up-to-date

Auto suggestions

Add 'Pair with' items to any food or beverage item to automatically suggest it to the guest

New Guest Interactions

Interact with your guests in new ways by leveraging the mobile communication channel of your Menu App.

Advertise promotions

Display a list of recurring, one-time, limited time and special occasion promotions that your restaurant offers guests.

Offer career opportunities

Find your next great team member by offering career opportunities to the people who already love your brand.

Source feedback

Allow guests to submit private feedback about their dining experience to mitigate negative online reviews and encourage positive online reviews.


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