Study Restaurant Variety (SRV)

SRV is a powerful, mobile training system designed to expand your entire staff's product knowledge, improve FOH sales abilities, and sharpen BOH production accuracy.


SRV makes learning easy, so your staff can become masters of your menu. Resulting in...

FOH staff selling dishes and drinks with more confidence.

BOH staff consistently putting out beautifully-executed dishes on time.

Guests being amazed by your teams' level of product knowledge.

Product Knowledge is 🔑

Being a master of your menu should be a standard at your restaurant. SRV helps your team live up to this standard.

Unlock your staffs' hidden potential

At SRV we believe deep product knowledge is the key to unlocking the hidden potential of your staff

Learning at your finger tips

The vast majority of restaurant workers have access to a smart phone. Put training directly onto their favorite device and allow your staff to access learning at their finger tips

Access detailed information

Click on any item to view detailed information such as image, price, ingredients, allergens, romance notes and suggested pairings.


FOH Sales Stars ⭐️

Enable your FOH staff to take their product knowledge and nightly tips to new heights.

Maximize nightly and monthly earnings

Like any sales job, your staffs' ability to learn will have a direct impact on how much they earn. The more they earn, the more you earn.

Unlock opportunity

With mastery of the menu and strong sales skills, your staff can earn great money and make genuine connections with guests

Coordinated service

Train your entire FOH team to serve and sell. Watch the impact as hosts and bussers begin to play a more intentional role in the guest experience

BOH Spec Masters 🧑🏽‍🍳

Enable your BOH staff to gain mastery over every dish with easy to read, mobile kitchen specs.

Sharpen consistency

Accessible kitchen specs improve dish preparation accuracy

Improve time to window

Increase the production capacity and speed of your staff when their knowledge is improved

Private, Secure Access

Keep your recipes secure; only allow specified users to access Kitchen Specs


Bartending Sidekick 🍸

Give your bartenders the ability to search house and classic cocktail specs using SRV Bar Specs.

Quick and easy search

Fast, accessible search to find specs for a drink in seconds

Add and edit

Easily add new cocktail specs and edit existing ones

Cards and Quiz

Interactive study tools to memorize cocktail specs

Sommeliers in Training 🍷

Investing in your server and bartenders' capabilities in selling wine is one of the best investments your restaurant can make to maximize profits.

Become a master of wine

Eloquently describe and correctly pair every wine item in your restaurant's selection

Detailed wine library

View detailed information about every wine item in your restaurant

Increase check averages

Being effective at suggesting and selling the highest priced items on the menu (wine) is key to increasing check averages


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