Command Center +
Restaurant Academy

Manage SRV from one dashboard with ease! + 24/7 access to a comprehensive restaurant management academy.

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SRV increases check averages, decreases training costs and elevates guest experiences.

What is SRV?

A Powerful Training Tool for FOH + BOH Staff

A Convenient Command Center For Owners and Managers

Bonus Offerings to Up-level Your Operation

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Real-Time Data Management

Allows managers to make changes to SRV on the fly. Add, edit, and delete items on your own with ease, anytime! New staff member? Assign their training. New menu item? Add specifics to the menu for both staff and guests. Need more staff? Create a job listing

SRV Academy

All the tools you need to optimize your operation:

Management Training Tools

Cost Controls & Profit Maximizing System

FOH Sales Training Tools

Powerful Branding & Marketing Programs

Staff Recognition & Rewards Programs

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How Will SRV Transform Your Business?

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Accessible Training

Make training mobile, easy and effective. SRV is available on all smart phones.


Amazing Dining Experiences

A knowledgable staff improves guest experiences which results in 5 Star Reviews, loyal repeat customers, and genuine word of mouth marketing.


Menu Mastery

SRV empowers your FOH + BOH team to master every food and beverage item on your menu. This will increase staff consistency and confidence.


Optimized Revenue

Sales opportunities in your restaurant are either recognized and captured or lost forever! Knowledgeable staff suggest profitable upsells, add-ons and house specialties that guests will enjoy and appreciate.

Ready to SRV?

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