SRV Helps Restaurants Unlock Team Potential and Maximize Sales


What can SRV do for your restaurant?

SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant.

Staff Training

SRV helps your new and existing team members memorize the menu, become a sales star, and increase confidence behind the line and well.

Comprehensive search

Find detailed information about any food or beverage item at your restaurant

Interactive Study Tools

Learn about food and beverage items through interactive exercises and quizzes

Detailed Spec Sheets

Empower your chefs and line cooks with a kitchen spec database and your bartenders with a cocktail spec

Built for YOUR restaurant
Intuitive and responsive
Mobile, accessible training at your team's fingertips
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Manager Dashboard

SRV's Dashboard allows your management team to monitor staff training, update menu items, and add upcoming events creating a streamlined experience for both your team and guests.

Real-time Data Management

Edit food and beverage data on the fly to keep both SRV and Menu apps up-to-date

SRV Restaurant Academy

All the tools you need to comprehensively train your management team to optimize and run your restaurant

Improves managerial performance
Gain a competitive advantage
Unlimited support from the SRV team

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